Ticket Goose
Thanks to Ladooo, for providing an option where we only pay for new users who install our app, try it out & register with us. TicketGoose offers the most visual experience for bus ticket booking on the move. So it was important for us to get users to try the app. In addition, we wanted to specifically target students in Chennai & Bangalore for our user acquisition campaign. Airloyal has excellent targeting capabilities and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to leveraging the platform effectively as we build out the user base for our mobile app!

Arun Athiapan, CEO

We are the largest entertainment zone brand and wanted to specifically target students in Chennai. Ladooo was a perfect platform for us to be able to do this in the most cost effective manner and at very short timeframe. We plan to continue running brand awareness and engagement campaigns on Airloyal's Ladooo.

Rave Shankarr, CEO