About us Making the Consumer Win
We are a bunch of entrepreneurs and techies with a common passion – to revolutionize the mobile advertizing space by making the consumer win.

Up until now, in emerging economies, consumers have been spending an average of 10% of their daily wage on airtime. That's a significant amount of money in such geographies. We intend to correct this anomaly through free-commerce, our forte. Our aim is to divert a part of the annual worldwide USD 500B ad spend into the consumer's pocket.

Our strategy is to capture the attention of the consumer by offering products or services free of charge. We then monetize this attention through targeted advertising that delivers guaranteed measurable engagement for our clients.

We believe in this approach because it is fair and efficient. Advertisers gain from highly cost effective and insightful engagement. Consumers get more disposable income.

Making everyone happy is good business.
Story It's all about perspective, really.
It is no secret that consumer sentiment is different in developed economies vis-à-vis emerging economies. While it is universally true that good business means offering value, the kind of offering that is considered valuable, depends upon the geography. Today businesses from around the world are flocking to emerging economies. But are they really addressing the consumers' requirements? Are they doing anything to encourage the consumers' participation in the revenue stream, apart from 'spending', of course? Do they understand that the consumers' limitations eventually impacts business because, well... life is a circle?

Airloyal was born as a result of the realization that young Asian consumers base their purchase decisions on the question: "What's in it for me?"

For an area where consumers spend on an average of 10% of their daily wage on talk time, the deal-sealer has got to be mobile internet connectivity.

Ladooo, our very first product, incorporates this philosophy. This digital mobile advertisement platform enables a part of the annual USD 500B ad spend to be shared with end consumers.
Vision 1 – 1 – 1
1 B People Engaged Everyday
1 B Dollars given away as rewards, every month
1 M Businesses Served
Team "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."

Mark Twain

At Airloyal, we don't try to be different just for the heck of it. We mean it. We see opportunities for growth in stagnation. We see potential for new ideas in the face of challenges. We question ourselves if we are "doing it right" every single day.

As a team, at Airloyal, we have created an environment that encourages creativity, experimentation and out-of-the-box thinking. Even as we grow bigger, our core values will remain constant – transparency, passion at work and innovation.
Raja Hussain
Raja Hussain, with over 15 years of industry experience across Asia, the Middle East and the Silicon Valley under his belt, knows the mobile advertisement industry inside-out. As the Founder & CEO, he ensures Airloyal continues to play its cards right.
Sheik Mohideen
Sheik Mohideen, is passionate about keeping customers at the center of all business decision and has 14 years of experience in various industries FMCG, Media Advertising, retail, IT & ITES and Telecom in Sales & Business Development. Former Business Head of Middle East & West Africa at One97
Sundaramurthy K.
Sundaramurthy K., is a classic startup guy. He is experienced in developing & managing infrastructure for High Traffic systems. Performance & Scalability are his speciality. Previously was with Ventuno Technologies. Sundar is taking care of the Infrastructure for Airloyal. He also plays an integral part on all aspects of technology management.
Anitaa Murthy
Anitaa Murthy, A total geek who is passionate about new technologies. Worked as a developer for Intrepid Web Studio, a hardcore coder who can spend nights without food and water but needs her daily dose of coding. An Android Developer by CHOICE and Ladooo developer by LOVE.
Latha Balakumar
Latha Balakumar, has over 14 years of experience running operations and support for companies such as Cisco & One 97. At Airloyal, Latha manages all aspects of Ad Operations, Customer Support & Finance operations.
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These are early days at Airloyal. We are thrilled to be working on a great idea that's already delivering fantastic results. More importantly, it is fascinating to witness the birth of an organization.

An organization is only as good as its people. We've made a solid start. However, as Airloyal grows, we want it to be comprised of people who share, (or even surpass!) our levels of passion and commitment.

We dig diversity, cherish creativity and celebrate disruption. Working with us is rewarding because we believe in 'sharing the booty'. Working with us is also fun because, quite simply, we like to party!

If you think you have what it takes to be a mover n' shaker in mobile digital advertising space, give us a call.
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Airloyal is headquartered in Singapore and has a subsidiary in India.

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