Brands Attention is the new currency.

You want your brand to speak to restless 15 to 25 year olds.

You've already spent tons of ad dollars on digital ad campaigns and associated events.

Are you sure you've been heard?

Start by giving your audience what they want – free airtime!

Finish by gaining better consumer insight + honest product/service feedback + massive brand recall through social media marketing.

Try interacting with them instead. Try Ladooo.
The ways in which you can engage with your audience include:
Go Viral
Launch with a big bang by leveraging the Ladooo consumer base Trend on social media platforms by incentivizing sharing Communicate with your target audience and study their sentiments in real time Pay only when someone successfully shares your ad
Gain user insights
Run a geo-specific poll exclusively targeting your audience segment Receive direct feedback regarding your product or service Analyse results against demographic data including age, gender, location, relationship status, occupation and income range Pay only when users complete the quiz
Maximize video ad impact
Get the message across by encouraging users to watch your video Encourage them to increase your brand recall through social media shares Pay only if users watch the 'complete' video