ladooo Engage

App + Clever Marketing = Great App
Great App + Genuine Feedback = Killer App
You've toiled 24x7 to create the best-app-ever. Great!
But who's using it?
Is your great app at risk of being labeled 'one of many'?
Stand apart. Market your app through Ladooo.
Engage existing users
Get your users to complete a specific app related task Could be anything such as completing registration, completing level 1 of a game Pay only when the task is complete
Convey a specific message
Encourage users to install your app and 'get' your app's key value proposition Assess if the message has been conveyed through a quiz about the app Pay only if users install and try out the app and complete the quiz
Make your app go viral
Launch with a Big Bang, acquire users fast and gain rapid ROI Get users to install your app, try it out and share it on their Facebook wall Pay only when a user completes these three activities
Market your video ad
Power your app marketing through a video ad Get users to view the video, share it or participate in a poll Pay only for the desired activity, not for installs
Test a feature
Examine how users react to new features of your app Get users to install the app, try out the new feature and provide feedback Pay only when a user completes these steps
Your app has gained massive traction. Congratulations!
But does your audience think it's perfect?
Are you sure it delivers what they want?
Achieve clarity fast. Ask them through Ladooo.
Gain user insights
Reach out specifically to your target user base in record time Get them to install your app, try it out and provide feedback Pay only if all the three steps are completed
How do I get started?
Be sure to develop your app on Android 2.3 and above While we prefer working with Apps that are integrated with MAT/Hasoffers, we can work with other app tracking services too The on-boarding process is fast & simple. You'll be done in 20 minutes max!
Specialized audience targeting based on:
Geo-targeting Device type Android OS version Gender Age Monthly spend band Mobile operator Wifi or 3G
Types of Ad units:
Ad Unit Charging Model
Ad (Image) + Quiz CPQ (Quiz)
Poll CPP (Cost Per Poll)
Video View CPV (View)
Video View + Quiz CPE (Engagement)
Facebook Share CPS (Share)
App Install CPI (Install)
App Register CPR (Register)
App Share CPS (Share)